Combination Machines

Combination machines give woodworkers the advantage of saving precious shop floor space, since they are two machines in one! The tops are precision jointers, with all of the same adjustments and settings as dedicated versions. The lower cabinets house the planers, which use the same cutterhead as the jointer, just running lumber under it instead of on top of it! Adjusting the planer tables to regulate surface cutting and final board thickness is done with large hand wheels and handles. Machines have chip capturing hoods with 4” dust ports for attaching to dust collection systems. Hoods swivel up and lock in place for the planing mode, rotate down when jointing. Conversion from one surfacing function to the other can be done in just seconds. Both sizes of machines are offered with standard straight knife cutterheads, or helical cutterheads (H) that use multiple, small insert cutters for the shearing action in surfacing stock.